45yrs Antibiotics (tetracycline), black coffee, red wine, had 3 x 60min treatment treatments & went down 13 shades lighter! I am Charmaine McFarlane the owner of Sparklewhite Teeth NZ, and I can proudly and confidently say our treatments really do work!

50yr elite athlete on liquid iron supplement had just 1x60min and look how light they came down 9 shades! Thank you so much for giving me back my confidence in an elite sport where we have to look after our bodies yet my teeth did not show this- Sarina.

I am 24yrs and had 1x60min treatment before I got married. I didnt have very stained teeth but I wanted them to be as white as they could go before my big day. I was amazed how light they went and how relaxing it was, I actually enjoyed having time out from all the pre wedding plans and nearly dozed off. Thankyou Sparklewhite I can confidently smile on the biggest day of my life! – Libby.

I am a makeup artist and realise that to complete the artistry of a customers face is to have their teeth whitened, it just finishes the complete look and makes customers look so much younger. So here I am myself showing my before and after, with Charmaine after 1x60min treatment I was very impressed considering I didnt think my teeth were too discoloured! How wrong I was and I am 25yrs! Thanks for giving me more confidence in my own profession-Rebecca

Super highly recommended!!! Ive done the teeth whitening at elsewhere before paying $1000+ Sparklewhite teeth gives you the same result with the great price!! It is hard to believe you can get the teeth whitening with this price… I was a bit doubtful. BUT I WAS SOOO WRONG!!! Very professional, super clean environment, superb service by lovely Charmaine!!! couldnt be happier!!! Cant wait to go back Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!-Hunny