Feeling good is a beautiful thing

“Looking great and feeling fantastic go hand in hand.”

As seen in The Press.

Looking great and feeling fantastic go hand in hand, much like the services of Turn Back Time Beauty and Sparklewhite Teeth.

With expert teeth-whitening and high-tech skin treatments, the businesses do wonders for confidence by rejuvenating appearances by using state-ofthe-art processes.

Additional beauty services and retail products also provided, and in recent months the shared-space salon has offered even more as smaller operators affected by last year’s lockdown joined them.

Massage, specialist eyelash extensions and henna brows can now be accessed from the same discreet salon in Somerfield.

Beautician Charmaine McFarlane started it all with Sparklewhite Teeth when she helped bring cosmetic teethwhitening to New Zealand. A founding member of the New Zealand Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Association
(NZCTWA) and a trainer in teeth-whitening procedures, Charmaine has been at the forefront of cutting-edge beauty practices most of her life. This ensures clients are in good hands and the products are the best available. With teeth-whitening, that meant a recent update to the ‘‘Boost’’ whitening system.

Results are guaranteed in one hour, so if your teeth aren’t at least two shades lighter, you get your money back (terms and conditions apply).

‘‘It’s perfect for looking your best in summer photos or at special occasions like weddings,’’ Charmaine says.

Even better, the Boost treatment has been slashed from $599 to $249 until March 31.

Charmaine started Turn Back Time Beauty to introduce complementary services, including skin treatments that utilise LED lights to transform ageing or problem skin. The technology was developed by Nasa and
refined by the medical and beauty industries, which studied how different coloured lights could treat skin conditions.

A course of 12 sessions produces a real ‘‘wow’’ factor, Charmaine says. ‘‘It’s like a natural facelift. Red reduces wrinkles, acne, scars and age spots, while blue will kill acne bacteria. Green treats uneven skin tone, broken capillaries, big pores and black heads, and yellow reduces redness caused by things like rosacea.’’

With the salon’s spare rooms now being used by specialists who found themselves under pressure following last year’s lockdown, clients can now visit for a wide range of treatments in a friendly, familiar setting.

Vicky Jung, a physiotherapist by trade, offers a range of massage styles, including sports, deep tissue, Swedish, body stretching and therapeutic.

Rebecca McFarlane gives professional eyelash extensions and henna brows.