Before & After

Step up your smile game with Sparklewhite Teeth ! We take your embarrassing yellow teeth and turn them into a brighter whiter sparklewhite smile, in just one or two visits! With our top-of-the-line equipment and experienced Cosmetic Teeth Whitening professionals, you’ll be flashing your pearly whites in no time!


You don’t know what your teeth look like until you see them before and after the 60min treatment. Our NZCTWA Qualified Teeth Whitening practitioners can transform the way that you smile in just 1xhour. This means that you will see immediate results, have no sensitivity, no pain and it is completely safe. Please browse through our before and after photos of customers of all age groups from 16-92yrs being the eldest and who have come in for our Sparklewhite Teeth treatment.

Be Aware:

You will notice that these are genuine pictures taken and have not been changed to make the afters look whiter than they truly are, we don’t need to. Unfortunately this is not the case for some teeth whitening companies out there who cheat the reality of before and afters. Be aware of other teeth whitening companies that are not giving you the true results with their pictures. What to look out for is the after photos, they tend to be changed to a purple/blue/pink tone, this means the pictures have been changed!

Stay clear of these people, always look for a NZCTWA registered teeth whitening company and the blue and white logo on their website or Facebook page.

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