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  • Do you know what colour your teeth actually are?
    As the owner of Sparklewhite Teeth I was horrified when I found out what colour my teeth were. I didn’t think they were too bad until they were matched on the tooth shade guide! In fact I was up the high end of the scale (Med-Dark 32), this I found out was due to antibiotics (tetracycline), teas, coffee, red wine, cola, curries, berries & veges to name a few!
  • What happens during the Consultation? Your Consultation includes an oral cavity inspection, where we will check for gum disease, plaque and tartar build-up, visible tooth damage i.e.; cracked or broken teeth. A colour match is taken to determine how many treatments we would recommend you have in order to give you the ultimate result.
  • How much is a Consultation? 15-30mins $60-$90. If you decide to go ahead with the teeth whitening treatment straight after your consultation, this will be built into the price on the day. Please advise us so we can book the correct length of appointment time.*

*Consultation cannot be deducted off already discounted treatments. Please negotiate this with your local practitioner. Note: A Consultation does NOT include a scale,clean & polish, however we can recommend a hygienist or dentist. Allow 7-14 days before having your teeth whitened after your hygienist appointment to ensure you have no risk of sensitivity during the whitening treatment.

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